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MAVIS iPhone

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Happy shooting!

MAVIS is a professional filmmaking camera for the iPhone and it is the first app to provide professional level filming tools including Focus Peaking, Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope False Colour and Zebras. It gives you audio controls, audio metering, custom resolutions and framerates - from HD to 4K, 3fps to 240fps and recordings up to 100Mbit/s. It also brings a natural interface to give you full flexible manual control while shooting.

We hope you enjoy MAVIS as much as we do.

"A Fantastic Filmmakers' Tool - Hands down, the best camera app available for iOS."

Michael Aranda - U.S App Store

"Top Pro Movie Camera - This stands up to a $2000 DSLR Nikon"

Schorrgirl - U.S App Store

"Arguably the best filmmaking app on iOS"

Jeff Benjamin - 9to5mac

"Aping all the knobs and dials of a full-fat broadcast camera, MAVIS couldn’t be further from the bare-bones stock iOS app if it tried"

David McClelland - TechRadar

"An ACTUAL professional camera app! - The features are amazing!"

DaveKratz - U.S App Store

"Absolutely brilliant, best pro video app for iPhone, everything so intuitive"

silurus - U.K App Store

Professional tools in your pocket

MAVIS has been designed from the bottom up to pack professional production tools into your pocket. It is unique in providing real-time full-scale waveform monitor, vectorscope and exposure and focus visualisations on the iPhone, so you can make sure your productions are at the highest possible quality.

MAVIS User Interface

Focus Peaking

The focus peaking visualisation is a tool to assist with focusing. Contrasted edges within the viewfinder are highlighted a bright colour to make it easier for you to determine which part of your shot is in focus.

Focus Peaking
Manual Controls

Full manual controls

MAVIS brings full manual controls giving you the power to change ISO, shutter speed, focus, framerate, resolution and bitrate. It also provides a complete set of interface customisations so you can tailor the app to suit your requirements.

Complete audio control

Audio inputs can be monitored with the VU meter so you can make sure that your audio levels are correct and free from peaking. Adjust audio levels with the built in gain control and monitor audio sources with audio passthrough/headphone monitoring.

Complete Audio Control

Fullscreen mode

Our new fullscreen mode gives you a maximised viewfinder while providing a great level of control. We've worked hard to ensure all the key information you need while shooting is still available. The new mode provides a distraction free viewfinder so you can see exactly what you're shooting. You can also jump back into standard mode at any point - even while you're recording.

MAVIS Fullscreen mode

Device restrictions apply
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